Integrating Google Analytics in iPhone App

In my previous article, gathering requirements for iPhone app development, I listed down a number of requirements which you should prepare before approaching an iPhone app developer.

Integrating Google Analytics in iPhone App

Integrating Google Analytics in iPhone App

In this article I’ll explain the Google Analytics tracking in iPhone App.

Tracking websites through Google Analytics (GA) is a common feature. What about integrating Google Analytics in iPhone App? Should you really integrate Google Analytics in iPhone App?

There is no straight forward answer. It all depends on your need. So this is the question which you really need to ask to yourself rather than passing it to iPhone App Developer.

Most of iPhone app developers will not include or discuss it with you (client) during requirement gathering. The main reason is that it is not always required to integrate Google Analytics in iPhone App and it is not the requirement which all clients request to a developer.

However there is a hidden motive as well. Even if a developer sees that an iPhone app is well eligible for integrating GA tracking he will not advice to the client about it. The simple reason why a rouge iphone app developer will hide this requirement is that he sees more business opportunity (read money) in future. Any feature addition in a published iPhone app comes with a heavy price tag.

So it is the duty of clients to include GA in their list of requirements.

What iPhone apps qualify for Google Analytics integration

The next big question is what kind of iPhone apps qualify for integrating GA. The simple answer to this question is that if you want to track user activities/content access then you need to have GA integrated in the app.

The best example of apps which need to have GA integrated are the apps which are informative and which have many categories/pages. Such as recipe apps.

What to tack?

Once you have decided if you need to have GA integrated in the app, the next requirement is to decide what needs to be track.

This is little bit tricky and it gets real messy if you are not clear about your tracking requirements.

If you have used Google Analytics for the web then you would know that all you need to track your website is to grab GA code and add it in all the pages which you would like to track. It’s simple for the web.

For mobile app it is not simple. Just adding GA code in iPhone app will not track what you might assumed to be tracked.

GA tracking in mobile apps work in different ways.

GA in mobile apps records the action and activities rather than page views and clicks as in web.

So you need to list down which actions would you like to track and which pages (views) needs to be tracked. You even need to specify that you want to track categories (parent/child hierarchy if you have it).

How much it cost to add Google Analytics tracking in iPhone App?

There is no fixed cost but as rule of thumb it should not take more than a week of time to integrate GA tracking code in a complex iPhone app. If you developer is asking for more time (and money) than a week then find another iPhone app developer.

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