iPhone App CMS Development

We offer cost effective bespoke iPhone app CMS development services. We also offer CMS development services using 3rd party frameworks such as Parse.com.

What is iPhone App CMS?

iPhone app CMS is an essential part of the iPhone/iPad which lets you upload content, communicate with app and send push notifications. In CMS you add/update content on fly without rebuilding the mobile app. With Push Notification Server (part of CMS) you can send push notification any time, schedule it or even send it based on certain criteria.

iPhone app CMS

A typical architecture of iPhone/iPad CMS

A typical content management system has following elements

  1. CMS
  2. Web services
  3. Push Notification Server
  4. Reporting (Optional)

1. CMS

The core of CMS allows you to add/modify/update content. This feature is essential part of any content rich iPhone/iPad app such as recipe app, eCommerce etc. CMS lets you upload new content, import content from a file or even import products from Amazon.

2. Web Services

Web services constitute the app-cms communication mechanism. Web services defines API which is used by iPhone app to send and retrieve to and from CMS.

3. Push Notification Server

Push notification server feature lets you send push notification to iPhone app. You can schedule notifications or even define criteria for sending notifications.

4. Reporting

This feature is required when you would like to generate report based on various criteria. Reports are provided in graphical format or exported to file.


How much does it cost to develop a typical CMS?

The cost of developing an iPhone app CMS depends on many factors. It would be difficult to give a fix price without discussing the requirements.

How long does it take to develop CMS?

It depends on the requirement. It can take anywhere from 3 weeks (simple CMS) to about 2 months (complex CMS).

Do you develop CMS from scratch or use any 3rd party system?

Unless there is requirement to use 3rd party system we always develop CMS from scratch.

What Push Notification Server do you use?

We use Apple Push Notification Server (APNS). However we also support using 3rd party push notification servers if required.

Who owns the CMS?

You own the CMS.

Is there any ongoing cost associated with using CMS?


Do you offer CMS hosting?

Yes. We offer fully managed dedicated hosting for the CMS.

How do we get started?

First document the requirements and provide wireframes if possible and then we can take it from there.

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