App Crash

Apps crashing after iOS 7.1 update

iOS 7.1 update problems

This is first time that an iOS update has caused about 90% of the iOS apps crashing on both iPhone and iPad. The first app which I discovered crashing was HSBC fast balance app. Not only the 3rd party apps which are found crashing on iOS 7.1 but also Apple’s own apps are reported to be crashing. iOS 7.1 update was not a major update, it was more of a patch to fix.

I’ve found problems both both on iPhone and iPad. iOS 7.1 seems to be a bit more responsive and looks faster but if these problems persist then it’s going to be chaotic for both app publishers and Apple. Appstore is already inundated with customer complaints and negative feedbacks which is causing serious loss in revenue to publishers.

In addition to crashing apps, iOS 7.1 is also causing plenty of other problems, some of which I’ve listed below.

Battery draining fast

After updating my iPhone to iOS 7.1 I found my battery completely drained out within an hour and that too in idle mode. Since the update I’ve found battery keep draining in few hours of usage which normally used to last for at least a day.

Phone Contacts Disappearing

Some users have complained that their contacts have disappeared after iOS 7.1 update.

Bluetooth Connection Problems

Few users have found problems with bluetooth connections.

Solution for app crashing problem

App publishers will find it frustrating but by the time they find out that their fully working app has started to crash, it might have already lost app store ranking due to negative customer feedback.

To solve the app crashing issue the app has to be debugged first to find out the cause of crash issues.

In some cases re-installing the app solves the problem. To re-install the problematic app first delete the app, download and reinstall it.

Are you the app publisher affected by the app crash? Get in touch with us to get it fixed.