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Gathering Requirements for iPhone App Development

Gathering Requirements for iPhone App Development
iPhone app Development

iPhone app Development

Before you could embark upon the journey, as a client, of iPhone app development, you must finalize the requirement document.

iPhone app development is not an easy task by any means. It’s certainly not as simple as web development where changes in requirements can be quickly implemented without affecting the cost and delivery time. In iPhone app development any small change in requirements can prove to be very costly.

So the big question is how do you gather iPhone app development requirement.

There is no straight forward answer to the question.

Gathering requirement can be as simple as pointing an iPhone app developer to a similar app and asking “I want one like that”. On the other hand it could be so difficult as writing poetry, if you are not a poet.

It certainly needs a brain storming session and as you keep diving deeper into the app world you will keep on coming up with new ideas.

Before your ideas start to fade away in the past you need to act quickly and start writing all your ideas into a requirement document.

You don’t need to follow any fixes structure for preparing a requirement document however try to be coherent with features/functionalities and try to group them together to  make various chunks.

Following are some of the points which you should address in any requirement for an iPhone app.

1) App Type

When you approach an iPhone app developer the first question you will be asked would be “what kind of app is it?”

You can broadly categorize an app into one of followings

  1. Game
  2. Puzzle
  3. Quiz
  4. App using location based services
  5. Informative app
  6. Utility

Above is not the complete list, however to start with you can put an app into on of above categories

2) Device Support

On which mobile devices the ap will be supported

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. iPad touch

3) Web Service

In some type of apps we need to communicate with a website/web app/cms. The interface to these are implemented using a web service.

If you want to push dynamic content to the app then you would need web service.

4) Orientation

Landscape or Portrait

There are some apps and games which can be suitable only in landscape or portrait. If you need to support both orientations then you must specify it.

5) OS Support

You should not always assume that all users have updated to latest iOS. Your requirements must clearly specify the iOS support you will need as it has direct impact on the development cost. There might be situation when some features are not available in older version of iOS.

6) In-App Purchase

In-App purchase is a feature which allows users to buy something from inside the app. In-App purchase is one of the most popular feature of any free/paid app if you are looking to monetize your app effectively.

7) Subscription

This is mostly suitable for news/magazine apps. If you are developing news/magazine app and would like to charge subscribers on a timely basis then you should mention this requirement as well.

8) Google Analytics

It is not straight forward to add Google Analytics tracking in iPhone app. So if you need to integrate tracking in iPhone app then you must specify it in the requirement. Also specify what exactly you need to tack.

The above are just some of the few points for gathering iphone app development requirement.

Contact us to discuss your iPhone app development requirements and we will be happy to assist you.